• New York State Police Troopers Cycle of Life Honorable Discharge Ashtray Coin

    $30.00 $24.99

    One of my newest designs to hit the market.  This is a portable 2.5" ashtray that features the Academy logo.  I call this the  "Troopers Cycle Of Life" because we start out as recruit, become Troopers, Retire and are always a Lifetime Member.   This is a shallow depth ashtray.  The bottom side is a 2.5" coin image of a design from an NYSP Pin from WW2 era.  The design was submitted to me by another Member.   I of course made some changes to make the design my own.   The ashtray will have a nice 3mm recessed area and an 8mm area for your cigars to sit upon.   The back side (The Coin) features a 3d rope like edge.