• New York State Police 911 Commemorative Flag

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    The NYSP Commemorative Flag

    This Flag was designed to honor the Ultimate Sacrifice made by the listed members.  The Flag is just short of 2' wide by 3' tall.  There are only 50 pieces being made of each at this time.   There will be a donation made to the signal 30 funds of $2.00 per flag for the first 100 flags sold so lets show some love and support the fund.  The funds supports our Members in need during hardship.

    Please ensure that you order the correct style flag.  If not you will have to pay for return shipping and new shipment fee.  

    If the wrong style is shipped on my end then I will be responsible for shipping fees.  

    The names listed below represent those that have been honored and listed on the Division of State Police's wall of honor some are names of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and have yet to receive the honor.   


    Inv. Ronald. Hoerner                2010

    Tpr. Lawrence Lakeman          2010

    Tpr. Covel Pierce                     2011

    S/I Thomas G. Moran Jr.      2012

    Tpr Darryl J. Burroughs Sr.    2016

    Inv. Paul R. Stuewer                2016

    Tpr. Brian S. Falb                    2017

    Supt. Wayne E. Bennett        2017

    Tpr. Michael J. Anson            2018

    Sgt./SC Charles Salaway      2018

    Sgt./SC Jeffery M. Cicora    2019

    Inv. Ryan D. Fortini                2020

    Tpr. Joseph J. Mecca            2020

    Tpr. Jennifer A. Czarnecki    2020

    Tpr. Michael R. O'Donnell    2020

    Z/Sgt. James G. Sweeney    2021

    Tpr Scott P. Enser                  2021

    Tpr Edward T. Kiluk               2021