• New York State Police 911 Complete Shield - Wallet - Coin - Tie Clasp - Patch Set

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    The shield is a 2.5 x 2.25 size shield like our retirement shield. It will be made in a polished golf and nickel finish. The back will have a pinback similar to our current shields. This will be a shield that can be specialized to your shield number. The shield numbers will be laser engraved by the manufacturer at the time of manufacturing. THIS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO NYSP MEMBERS AND IMMEDIATE FAMILY.   I will not process the any orders If I cannot confirm that you were a Member or immediate family Member.   I reserved this right as the owner of this site.  

    The wallet:

    The wallet will have an embossed (stamped) image of what is shown here. There will be no color and the lettering will also be embossed. The lettering on the inside will be printed in a gold color. The wallet will be similar in size to our current wallets and have the cutout designed to our shields.

    The coin:

    The coin is a 2" Challenge coin which is slightly larger than the average coin. The coin will feature the 911 design in 3d in similar fashion to the shield.  

    The Tie Clasp:

    The tie clasp will be approximately the same size as our current tie clasp featuring the same 911 design.

    The patch:

    The patch is approximately the same size as our uniform duty patch. It will be sewn on black twill and the lettering will be white instead of the gray that is shown so that it stands out more.