• New York State Police 100th Anniversary American Hero Shield Coin

    You must first contact us to check on availability for shield number.

    New York State Police 

    100th Anniversary American Hero Coin

    This is a 1.75" x 1.75" Challenge Coin.   The front features the NYSP shield which can be special ordered to have your own shield laser engraved on it.    The reverse of the coin features the NYSP American Hero designed by me.   The inscription reads:       


    The reverse was also designed using the Capital skyline with a helicopter searching above.   

    This coin comes to you with a Certificate Of Authenticity and a background image of the NYSP.   Once a shield coin is made it is never to be duplicated.  Making your coin a one of a kind.   Only Member's that are currently on the job and Living relatives that carried the same shield can have Two of the same coin.  The C.O.A. for the retired Member will be labeled "Legacy" as he or she was the first to carry that shield.

    Personalized special orders on this coin may take up to 1 year.   We wait until we have 30 orders on hand before placing our orders for this one.    Patience is required when ordering this special once in a lifetime coin.  

    When placing an order for this coin 

    PLEASE add your shield number in the comments or notes section during checkout.    I do ask that you contact us first via email with your shield to check for availability.  

      Thank you.